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Methodology Expert

Company Sixsentix AG announces an open position for Methodology Expert of the SWAT Team for the purpose of a new project for a well-known Swiss client.

Methodology Expert provides crucial support in the field of test methodology, test case design and test case specification. His responsibility is also to develop new strategies and project transformations. He closely collaborates with both the Development team and Client’s Business team to make sure that the requirements are clearly understood by the test team. Methodology Expert creates, completes and fulfills the functional and test case design structure within TOSCA TestsuiteTM according to the input he gets through a knowledge transfer from the Business Analyst of the Client Company at a workshop or he makes reviews and Test Case design on his own.Owing to his contribution, the test team is able to perform the testing without knowing any details of the project.

He must possess the TOSCA certified implementation partner certification which guarantees that he has undergone an extensive training in TOSCA. His proven abilities and wide range of experience in TOSCA, along with TCIP certification, enable ME to fulfil the highest requirements for this position.

    Resource Tasks:

  • • Creation of requirement structure with its risked based weight
  • • Creation of test case design
  • • Providing support regarding Test methodology - choosing the best practices and techniques in the field of test case design and test case specification for the team to reach optimal results
  • • Strategic revision and implementation of a test case portfolio along with the PM/TL
  • Resource artefacts:

  • • Creation of the project requirements within TOSCA TestsuiteTM
  • • Creation of the test case design within TOSCA TestsuiteTM
  • • Implementation of the LinearQ™ methodology
  • Resource Profile:

  • • A completed academic degree in the natural sciences or a comparable course of study
  • • Top skilled in methods of LinearQ™
  • • Top skilled in different methodical approaches for applications
  • • Excellent knowledge of branches requirement structure engineering and test case design in TOSCA TestsuiteTM
  • • Best knowlegde in tuning and handling of requirement structures, requirements weighting and test case design results
  • • Excellent verbal and written English language skills
  • What we offer

  • • New challenging professional opportunities
  • • Work with latest technology and in an IT infrastructure of the highest standards
  • • An optimal working atmosphere in a fast growing company
  • • Personal and career growth

Your application should include cover letter, resume, references and certificates.

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