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It is important for us to coexist with the companies of the same field of expertise as ours in a collegial and fair corporate culture. Our motto is "Cooperation, not Competition".

It is a part of our corporate paradigm to recognize the advantages of close cooperation with our Partners. That way we can fulfill our key goal: assuring quality for our Clients through superior testing solutions and consulting, as well as through improvement of testing process. Through ours and critical perspective of our Partners, this goal is easily reached.

Sixsentix has built successful business development relationships with several world-class technology and implementation Partners. These partnerships guarantee a favorable outcome for everyone involved.

Key benefits

  • Fast Time to Market
  • Decreased Costs
  • Test Coverage achieved at early stage
  • Test Coverage increased to 95-98%
  • Minimal business related risk
  • Fast Automation
  • Improved Test-Data Management
  • Full transparency
  • Improved overall quality