Accelerate Time-to-Market

Risk Assurance with Lower Costs


Dedicated to Excellencein Testing

Sixsentix is synonymous with Software Testing Excellence. With so many different technologies and testing challenges, it's not always easy to apply the right testing approach, especially when it comes to new technologies.

In addition, with heavy workloads and tight resources, clients often need outside expert help for a particular project, in order to achieve their objectives. Our human capital is a strategic advantage for our company and for our clients.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that testing should achieve the points of the QA triangle by balancing out the scope of a project with the time and resources available, but also to achieve the 4th dimension of value.

Our objective is to raise Software Testing to the highest level of professionalism and ensure the satisfaction of our Clients and Partners. Our entire Sixsentix Team is dedicated to our goal of achieving the optimized testing efficiency and effectiveness for all of our customers.


Super Charge Test Efficiency

Through significant improvements in Test Automation, we can help our customers with greater efficiency, time-savings and faster time-to market.


It Starts with the RIGHT
Test Case Design

Our best practices in Test Case Design ensure that your Test Cases are set up in the most efficient and effective manner, regardless of the type of testing: Big data, Cloud, ERP, Functional, Mobile, SAP, Tosca...

With the optimized Test Coverage, we help to lower the risks of Software Testing and protect the brands of some of the largest organizations in the world.

Key benefits include: massively reduced costs, business-related risks and time-to-market.