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Testing Challenges

The competitive pressure on companies in IT market concerning the quality of their products is now greater than ever. There is no tolerance for product failure. The improvement of quality of a project cannot be guaranteed by traditional approaches alone. High costs, slow time-to-market and huge workloads are the result of manual testing, which is still the most dominant form of software testing. Most companies today cannot track risk-based test coverage. They have reached only 10-30% test automation compared to what could and should be automated, even though significant shifts towards test automation have been made.

Does your company face these problems on daily basis?

- very expensive and slow testing process

- increasing testing workload

- too little time for product delivery

- no regression testing

- no systematic approach to testing

- no transparency in testing

- strong dependence on your testing resources

- misunderstanding among team members when it comes to testing approach

Can you imagine getting a special weapons and tactics testing solution which could solve all these problems in the shortest period of time?

Key benefits

  • Fast Time to Market
  • Decreased Costs
  • Test Coverage achieved at early stage
  • Test Coverage increased to 95-98%
  • Minimal business related risk
  • Fast Automation
  • Improved Test-Data Management
  • Full transparency
  • Improved overall quality