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Continuous end-to-end testing that really works

Cut down the testing effort
Focus on test areas that are affected and essential. Automate only what really makes sense. Don‘t waste time with double or ineffective testing.
Maximize software quality
Have a clear picture which business risks are covered with your Test Cases. Give the best feedback to developers in order to minimize defects. Test early and often to save resources.
Speed up release cycles
Know exactly where an automation gains maximum benefits. Get transparency about challenges early in the development process. Achieve a high test coverage with less test cases.

Beyond testing

Avoid testing the same code multiple times!
Does your number of Test Cases grow continuously until its no longer manageable?
iTest measures which Test Cases are affected by which sections of your source code. By knowing the Test-Code-Coverage, you can reduce the number of Test Cases significantly, while maintaining the same test quality. The maintenance effort of your repository will decrease and Test Case execution will speed up.
Keep your testing in sync with your latest development!
Do your testers know the latest code changes done by developers?
Based on the known correlation between Test Cases and source code, iTest shows exactly which Test Cases need to be adjusted or created. Testing effort decreases due to this laser-focused testing approach.
Avoid testing peaks and predict your release goals!
Do you know if you are on track regarding your release date and quality?
iTest enables your organisation to do more with less testers as bottlenecks are avoided. You can track release quality real-time if you set your desired release date and simulate options.
Start the right test execution according to your system readiness!
Do you lose a lot of time testing a system that is not ready yet?
iTest gives your testers a clear insight which test cases should be executed first, according to your system availability.
Focus on the most critical tests from a business risk perspective!
Do you know the business risk which is covered by your Test Cases?
iTest collects data based on your production systems, service desk incidents and monitoring tools, and gives you an automated business risk coverage at a glance.
Avoid side effects after code changes!
Do you know where you might have side effects during testing?
iTest measures changes on a source code level and uses Machine Learning to highlight possible side effects of code changes.
Don’t set an overall automation coverage goal!
Does the maintenance of your automated test repository get out of control due to over-automation?
iTest specifies the Test Cases for which automation adds value. Some Test Cases should be better run manually as they are rarely executed, and the maintenance of an automated Test Case would need a lot of effort. iTest takes frequency, complexity, stability, risks and the life cycle of your automated Test Cases into consideration.

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See how iTest will save your testing costs by 40%