Keeping Pace with the Digital Race

Sixsentix Nearshore Testing


Agile Software Testing & the Digital Race

Nearshore Testing has come a long way. While still focused on cost reduction, and the high quality Software Testing, the champion's league now is in keeping pace with the speed of Agile Software Testing. Addressing the complexity of different technologies and delivering integrated Nearshore Testing services is a part of our normal, daily business.

From the same or close time zones, collaborative sprints, with on-site and nearshore teams, are now the norm. Video conferencing, GotoMeeting, Skype, and other communication tools, make testing more collaborative.

In an Agile Software Testing environment this type of real-time communication across geographies and diverse teams along with scalable Testing resources is key.


Automated Software Testing with Nearshore Services

Today, there has been a paradigm shift where Nearshore Testing, such as the Sixsentix Service Center in Serbia, is an integral part of the Software Delivery service of large European Banks, Financial Services Companies and Enterprises, working on some of the most important Software Testing projects. We provide Manual, Automated, and Hybrid (a smart combination of Manual & Automated in a single test-run) Testing Services.

Scalability through Test Automation and resource flexibility, in addition to cost savings, are reasons why Nearshore Testing can be a true advantage.


Save Costs with Sixsentix Nearshore Testing

Companies can save up to 50% of Software Testing costs by leveraging Nearshore Testing in the same time zone, and with a very similar cultural background and work ethic. Having Nearshore Testing as a key aspect of the Software Delivery strategy only makes sense.

Nearshore Testing from Sixsentix ensures that our clients can maintain their competitive advantage in the market and provide extreme flexibility to keep pace with changing apps.


Software Agile Testing Academy

It's all about our people. We select bright, knowledgeable and highly dedicated people who have the right experience along with a strong affinity to Agile Software Testing and provide in-depth training through our SWAT (Software Agile Testing) Academy.

This ensures success via our advanced testing methodology and reporting to deliver the highest Test Coverage, with the lowest risk.


Achieve Your GoLive Goals

The focus of our Nearshore Testing Center is to help our customer's achieve their software GoLive goals and objects by delivery Test Coverage of >90% and cost reduction of >50% with advanced Testing methodology, test automation, and superior reporting which includes Visual Analytics and Dashboards.

See your QA!

Onsite, Nearshore & Offline Testing

Set up to deliver results for world's largest Banks, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom and Global Enterprises, Sixsentix Nearshore delivers accelerated Software Testing and Development (as needed) to the Fortune 1000. With over 60 people in the Sixsentix Nearshore Center in Novi Sad, and the ability to provide Software Testing for ERP, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and other leading technologies, Sixsentix is poised for the future.

Sixsentix also offers Nearshore Testing from offices close to the customer's location so Nearshore can also be in a building across the street or close by. We're right there where & when you need us.


Why is Sixsentix Different?

  • Advanced Methodology for Highest Test Coverage
  • Advanced Test Automation using Leading Tools
  • Software Agile Testing (SWAT) Academy
  • Accelerated Reporting with Visual Analytics & Dashboards

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