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March, 27th, 2019

"Meet and Greet" Open House

On Thursday, March 21st, Sixsentix and QACube hosted the third in row "Meet and Greet" Open House in Novi Sad, Serbia

Our guests, students whom we had the opportunity to meet at the KONTEH job fair, were greeted by our Managing Director, Branko Milikic. The HR team toured them from one department to another where they could interact with other employees and see best practices and innovations in person than just read about them.

The students learned about our SWAT Methodology and QACube Visual Analytics & Reporting from our Test Consultants Visnja Dimic and Ivan Alargic.

Check out a little glimpse of our Open House atmosphere.

top small businesses in serbia
top small businesses in serbia

About Sixsentix

Sixsentix is a leading provider of Software Testing Services, QA Visual Analytics and Reporting, helping enterprises to accelerate their Software Delivery. Our unique risk-based Testing and QACube ALM Reporting and Dashboards, provide business with unprecedented quality and transparency across Software Delivery projects for faster time-to-market. Sixsentix customers include the largest banks, financial services, insurance, telecom providers and others. Sixsentix Onsite, and Nearshore (SWAT) services deliver optimized testing outcomes at significantly lower costs and help customers with scalability to keep pace with digitalization. For more information, please visit

About QACube

QACube is a platform that helps drive competitive advantage with predictive Visual Analytics and reporting across popular tools, all projects, clusters, teams, and geographies and supports Continuous DevOps. QA Cube customers such as banks, financial services, insurance companies, telecom providers and others can achieve visibility and transparency, deliver high quality software on time and with less risk, and get reliable data analytics and trends for fact-based decisions. For more information, please visit

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