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  • Scrum Training March 17-18

March, 18th, 2016

Scrum Training, March 17-18, 2016

"Last week, we had an interesting Scrum Training Session provided by Scrum trainer, Klaus Bucka-Lassen, where our team was able to learn a lot about being agile in development, testing and even life itself.

The training consisted of an interesting mix of topics including: agile Sprints, agile presentations, interactive and responsive learning concepts, an exchange of opinions, educational games, different boards with colorful stickers, interesting stories and drawings, unexpected turns and first-hand experiences from Mr. Klaus’ private life and professional career. This served to bring us closer to agile and closer to each other! This inspiring training “opened our eyes” and answered a lot of questions.

Knowledge gathered through this training will be very helpful for our employees. Enhancing our skills with scrum training will our work while helping our company to improve, evolve and embrace whatever the challenges we might encounter in the future. Thanks to all of the participants and especially to Klaus Bucka-Lassen for facilitating the Scrum Training."

Zsuzsanna Lichtenthal, Office Manager, Sixsentix
Oliver Tanasic, Test Analyst and Certified Trainer, Sixsentix

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