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May, 17th, 2019

Sixsentix Workshop: Software QA with Automated API & Mobile Testing

On Tuesday, May 14th, 2019, Sixsentix organized a workshop on how to ensure consistent quality with Automated API & Mobile Testing, in cooperation with the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Serbia).

Branko Milikic, Managing Director in Serbia, and Igor Stojanac, Test Consultant, gave a brief overview of the Sixsentix software testing approach (SWAT) and the latest trends in the field of testing; how to increase risk-coverage with a small number of test cases, how to maintain test cases for a longer period, and how to perform automated overnight test execution, i.e. make significant progress in terms of speed and cost savings. Other topic was that of API testing, whose significance rises because of the speed of application testing it enables. Mobile testing is of great importance since every desktop application can today be used on a mobile phone as well. The API and Mobile Testing together shorten the time for which a quality application reaches the end user.

After the presentation block, over 25 participants from banking, financial services and telecommunications sector had the opportunity to take part in lively discussion and to get to know each other through a networking session. We thank AHK Serbia for the support and everyone for participating, and hope you enjoyed the workshop!

top small businesses in serbia
top small businesses in serbia
top small businesses in serbia

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