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January, 22nd, 2014

Software Testing Training

Get TOSCA Certified!

The Tosca certification program is organized in three-day courses for each of the training levels:

- Tosca Certified User Foundation Level – TCUFL

- Tosca Certified Quality Designer – TCQD

- Tosca Certified User Advanced Level – TCUAL

- Tosca Certified Administrator – TCA

The main goal of the training is to provide the participants with theoretical and practical, in-depth knowledge of the most innovative testing tool, TOSCA Testsuite.

The courses are in English language, held once a month for each training level by professional trainers from Tricentis, the company which develops TOSCA. Upon completion of training courses and obtaining certificates, a one-month practical work takes place, after which the participants with the best results get a permanent job in Sixsentix and an opportunity to work with renowned world experts in this field.

So far, three groups of carefully selected candidates have completed each of the training levels, so we have thirty TOSCA testers working for Sixsentix Serbia at the moment.

Minimize testing time, effort and cost

TOSCA Testsuite delivers entirely new levels of ease and accuracy in testing, while minimizing time, effort and cost. Test cases design is based on a detailed knowledge of risk, frequency of use and damage and the simplicity of model-based test automation enables test execution in plain English, with real-time analytics for proactive optimization.

TOSCA Testsuite integrates with SAP, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and other testing solutions, and interfaces with the full range of applications demanded by today’s enterprise environments. This is the tool we use this when providing services to our Clients - the largest Swiss financial institutions.

Growing testing team

In Serbia, TOSCA still hasn't been used until now. One of our goals is to change that and raise QA services in Serbia to a much higher, more efficient level. The plan is to continue the growth of an important, targeted testing center in Novi Sad and, in the near future, in Belgrade, with a large number of trained and specialized professionals in the field of testing.

If you have the initiative and the desire to pursue a career in this field, please see a more detailed description of the necessary qualifications in the Careers section of our website.


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