Focus on most-at-risk areas from a business perspective

Deploy highly complex releases faster with reduced business stakeholders time

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Large-scale software testing & deployment

The more complex the better

We are specialized on software deployments with up to several hundred applications involved. In terms of SAP this means that we cover all applications involved and measure business risks with our proven and unique SWAT methodology.

Faster releases

We empower your team to be able to manage faster and more frequent release cycles. Using our SWAT approach we optimize your requirement structure, test case design, test specification, and improve your test execution speed.

Reduce business stakeholders' time

Usually, testing is partly done by business stakeholders which have limited time ressources especially right before release date. Our SWAT approach uses the time resources better as testing prioritized is based on business risks. By using the best combination of manual and automated testing, we speed up text execution significantly.


Smooth SAP Migration Owing to Successful Sixsentix Test Management

The preparation and test coordination before and on the migration weekend, leading to a successful migration of SAP applications from the client's own data centre into a cloud system without any major defects - all users were able to start their usual work on the next day.

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Improve test case quality

We limit the number of needed test cases with an improved functional structuring and test case design. Our SWAT approach enables you to have a clear data-informed picture of your risk coverage.

Real-world test data

For SAP testing, it´s a challenge to use the best test data possible. We have experience in running software testing which is as close as possible to your production environment.

Use your time better

As test cases are prioritized, based on business risk and fast test execution, you can perform better testing with less time and on short notice.

Make your SAP S/4HANA migration stressless

Focus on business risks and fast test execution