Swiss Testing Day 2018

Stop by our Sixsentix Booth at Swiss Testing Day 2018

March 14 | 2018 Zurich, Switzerland
Samsung Hall | Hoffnigstrasse, 8600 Dübendorf

Swiss Testing Day, The Software Testing Conference organized by Testers for Testers, is now in its 13th year of providing an excellent platform for connecting with your customers, potential new customers and potential new recruits. The focus of the Swiss Testing Day is to share experiences from people involved in testing, with special attention drawn to the client's point of view.

Sixsentix is a leading provider of Software Testing Services, Visual Analytics and Reporting, helping enterprises to accelerate their Software Delivery. Our unique risk-based Testing and QACube ALM Reporting and Dashboards, provide business with unprecedented quality and transparency across Software Delivery projects for a faster time-to-market.

Sixsentix customers include the largest banks, financial services, insurance, telecom companies and other industries. Sixsentix Onsite, Offline and Nearshore (SWAT) services deliver optimized testing outcomes at significantly lower costs and help customers scale to keep pace with applications.

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