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Sixsentix Test Automation


Test Automation

We Solve the Dilemma

In continuous delivery, which is designed to automate and improve the practice of Software Delivery, Software Test Automation plays a significant role. In order to keep pace, extreme programming must be combined with Test Automation in order to rapidly, reliably and repeatedly issue the enhancements.

A typical dilemma is that teams are so busy with the avalanche of testing that they don't have time to automate; and hence, the lack of automation results in less time for testing.

Sixsentix can help you & your team automate even the most complex Software Testing to speed up Software Delivery and improve software quality assurance.


Keeping Pace with Many Changes

We help our clients uncover new software defects in existing functional and non-functional areas of a system. With many changes to the software code including new releases, enhancements, patches or configuration changes, regression testing can help to improve quality and cover off the requisite risk.

Sixsentix Experts can help to determine whether a change in one part of the software has an adverse effect on other parts of the software.


Automation Speeds up End-to-End Testing

Working with our clients we set up efficient and effective tests to check on previously completed tests to determine:

  • whether program behavior has changed
  • whether previously fixed faults have re-emerged

Regression testing can be performed for end-to end testing of systems including all is to optimize testing efficiency by systematically selecting the appropriate minimum set of tests needed to adequately cover a particular change. Sixsentix enables clients to reduce their test maintenance while optimizing test automation and reusability. Have more time for high value work...