High Test Coverage

Catching the Defects Early


Shift to the Left Optimize Your Test Coverage

Enterprises experience high pressure to reduce time-to-market. This requires continuous delivery methods. Software Testing, as the gatekeeper between development and operations, faces resource constraints while having to deliver comprehensive test results, in much shorter and continuous release cycles. Not everything needs to be tested; however, some requirements are associated with a much higher risk if they fail.

We help our customers uncover critical defects earlier in the release cycle!


Lower Your Risk of Software Testing

Software Testing typically comprises 30% of the total effort of Software Delivery. In Software Testing, it is important to mitigate the risk of major defects before the User Acceptance Testing and most definitely prior to GoLive.

What are some of the types of software risks? These can range from risks associated with undetected bugs and errors due to business and operational errors, external / legislative, technical and many other sources.


Uncovering Critical Defects Much Earlier in the Process

Our proven Sixsentix methodology is designed to provide the highest risk coverage, while uncovering critical defects early in the Software Delivery process.This 'shift to the left' approach saves costs and enables software developers to resolve defects much earlier in the process while ensuring a smooth & successful user acceptance test and GoLive. This is especially important for Agile Testing teams.

This is especially important for Agile Testing teams.