Tailored Tosca Services


Announcing Tosca Services!

Get expert help with your Installation, Implementation, & Customization of Tricentis Tosca.

Keep up with your daily work while our experts ensure your success with Tosca. Accelerate your Software Delivery, with world-class implementation services at every stage of Software Testing maturity.

Success with Tosca

Our tailored implementation plans with tasks, resources, dates and timelines include:
  • Installation, Implementation & Roll-out
  • Customer Specific Extensions & Integrations
  • Training & Certification
  • Optimize Test Cases & the Testing Process
  • Manage Test Data
  • Automate Test Cases
  • Regression Testing
  • Test Management

Our Tosca Experts help to ensure your success and to avoid any false starts. We believe in "Get it right the first time". We can provide as much or as little assistance as you need in your Tosca projects. Achieve success with Tosca!


The Services You Need Where & When You Need Them

As a leading partner of Tricentis, and with a highly skilled Sixsentix Team, we enable your company to get the maximum value from Tricentis Tosca Testsuite at each stage of the software testing process. Whether you need assistance in creating test cases, optimizing your processes, or automating tests, our experts offer the services and QA visual analytics and dashboards you need to accelerate your business. We provide assistance in test case methodology, customized technical controls steering technologies, and test data analysis. Sixsentix also offers Onsite, Nearshore and Offline Testing Services, which allow you to outsource your projects, while saving costs and valuable time, either partially or completely to Sixsentix.

Optimized Risk Coverage

We help customers to implement Tosca's Risk Coverage Optimizer. This effectively shifts the testing focus from the most common metric "number of test cases", to the required metric of "risk coverage". As a large number of test cases does not signify that the requisite risk coverage has been achieved for high quality Software Delivery. Achieve the highest test coverage and still have time for other things...


Helping Our Clients Sleep Better

Sixsentix Tosca experts will assist you in establishing functional structures of your test targets where use cases/epics/user stories are assigned risk weights that reflect the business impact of the testing functions. This proven methodology is used by some of the largest global banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and telecoms in the world.

Our Testing Consultants will introduce powerful & easy-to-use approaches designed to reduce testing effort and cost, while achieving the highest test coverage.


Sustainable Advantage

  • Our customers can reduce the size of their existing test sets by 60% by avoiding redundancies.
  • With the Sixsentix SWAT approach, customers can easily achieve a 90%+ risk coverage.
  • Keep pace with Agile Software Delivery in the digital world - while owering costs and saving valuable time & effort.
  • Achieve a typical ROI of 3 months or less with your Tosca initiative.
  • Ask us about our Tosca projects!