Cover 15 key process areas for the whole Software Development Life Cycle and gain actionable results

Identify what matters most and receive next steps that work for your organization

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Clear focus across the whole Software Development
Life Cycle in 12 weeks

Know exactly where to focus next

You get a detailed recommendation how your organization can reach operational excellence. This includes a full-featured presentation with management summary, KPI wheel, findings, recommendations, details on leading practices, next steps (around 30 pages in volume) and a structured documentation (up to 50 additional pages).

Three proven steps for results within 12 weeks

Our approach has been verified and optimized during our engagement in many projects. Gain from this expertise and get better results faster.

Cover the whole Software Development Life Cycle

Improvements within separated process steps are easy. In our QA maturity assessment, we analyze the whole Software Development Life Cycle and obtain huge efficiency gains and agility to see your organization as a whole.


Full transparency and risk overview at a Swiss Bank with the help of the Sixsentix transformation approach

The review of the current QA relevant processes along the end-to-end software delivery chain at a Swiss-based consumer finance bank with the aim to find improvement potential and a proposal to foster test automation.

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We work fast!

Within 12 weeks you receive a complete QA assessment across 15 areas for the whole SDLC. This includes a full-featured presentation with management summary, KPI wheel, findings, recommendations, details on leading practices, next steps (around 30 pages) and a structured documentation (up to 50 additional pages).

Week 1 - 2 Week 3 - 7 Week 8 - 12
Assessment Results Interaction model draft Operating model draft SLA/KPI baseline Operating model 1.0

Test process assessment

Define operating model

(roles, interfaces, metrics, functions)

Baseline SLAs and KPIs, align operating model and prepare rollout

Rollout of improvement actions to projects and additional applications

Assessment & mobilization phase
Rollout and stabilization

We are thorough!

We run a complete analysis of your current SDLC process and create a target operation model based on these findings. This includes an interaction model and a suggestion on roles and responsibilities. Based on your existing data (activities, SLAs and KPIs) we customize the findings to your specific situation and define targets for KPIs and a roadmap to bring your organization to operational excellence.

  • Establish quantifiable baseline of current process state
  • Harmonize expectations towards managed services
  • Create operating model draft based on assessment findings
  • Define interaction model for managed service towards projects
  • Align roles & responsibilities
  • Create and communicate draft of operating model, including: roles, metrics, and interfaces functions
  • Gather existing data to baseline SLAs and KPIs
  • Define target levels
  • Align operating model based on feedback
  • Create rollout plan
  • Discuss quick wins to be implemented based on assessment fingings

We deliver a comprehensive outcome!

After your 12-week project, you receive a detailed report with prioritized findings based on your current organization. We provide you with a target operating model with roles and responsibilities. Our report describes your current baseline and suggests possible targets for the most important SLAs and KPIs. In order to start the implementation, we provide you with quick wins and a rollout plan for the findings.

  • Assessment report
  • Prioritized findings
  • Metrics baseline (if existing)
  • Operating model - interaction model
  • Role catalogue v0.1
  • Operating model v0.9
  • Alignment workshop findings
  • SLA & KPI overview including potential baseline data and targets
  • Improvement quick wins
  • Operating model 1.0
  • Rollout plan for managed service

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Test Architecture

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Results in 12 weeks with a full target operating model which works for your organization


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