Use our workshop to quickly detect
where to set focus in your organization

Enable your team to define the next steps towards operational excellence

Choose your key topics

Three areas of interest, your team at the center

Includes your team

We set up a proven approach which doesn't require a lot of time from your team in order to get actionable results. Our consultants ask questions to the point, based on our experience. We quickly assess your organizations' strengths and potential

Results within 20 days

Your organization is unique and complex. Our workshops will still deliver high-speed results, from kick off to presentation, cost evaluation and follow-up meeting within 20 days.

Choose up to three focus areas

You can select up to three covered areas: test automation, reporting & KPIs, requirements engineering, DevOps, compliance or SAP S/4HANA migration.


Tangible and actionable results of Sixsentix workshop for accelerated quality in times of digital transformation

A QA QuickCheck Workshop with a comprehensive focus on quality across system boundaries delivering a clear overview to the Client on what the problems are, with a catalogue of measures on how to solve them

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A structured approach for structured results

We offer two types of workshops and they can be run onsite or remote. We keep time efforts on your side low as we ask the right questions at the right time. Our workshop procedure gives you fast and actionable results within 20 days even in complex enterprises.

1st Day 2nd - 4th Day 6th - 8th Day 9th - 10th Day Final results within 2 weeks 11th - 20th Day
Presentation and follow-up

We can help you find the right direction for strategy and tooling quickly


Our workshops can be run onsite or remote

Scoping workshops give you a first overview with actionable results based on questionnaires and interviews with your team and cover only one key topic. QuickCheck workshops cover up to three key topics (test automation, reporting & KPIs, requirements engineering, DevOps, compliance or SAP S/4HANA migration). For more information, cost evaluation, and further insights on how to improve your team, reach out to us.

Scoping workshop
QuickCheck workshop


Scoping workshop

Directional workshop to understand current pain points and challenges and offer first actions

QuickCheck workshop

Partial QA assessment with 1 - 3 areas assessed in detail (E2E, test automation, KPIs / reporting, S/4HANA migration, etc.)


Scoping workshop

Software testing

Release and Test Managers Testers

QuickCheck workshop

Project, program or department

All involved roles in assessed areas: Project, Release and Test Managers, Testers, Support Functions

Kick-off call

to align on process and approach

Scoping workshop
QuickCheck workshop


to gather input as preparation for the workshop

Scoping workshop
QuickCheck workshop

Collaboration workshop

Scoping workshop
QuickCheck workshop


Scoping workshop
QuickCheck workshop

Structured documentation

Scoping workshop
QuickCheck workshop


of your current quality level

Scoping workshop
QuickCheck workshop

Status of your quality

Scoping workshop
QuickCheck workshop

Follow-up meeting

Scoping workshop
QuickCheck workshop


Created by QA & Testing Engineers for Engineers

Our scoping workshops are run by QA and testing specialists for your Release & Test Managers and focus on QA and testing processes. Requirements management, DevOps and QA & testing processes are covered by our QuickCheck workshop.
All involved roles in the affected areas (Project, Release and Test Managers, Testers and Support Functions) will come together. Their solution will be summarized in a presentation with management summary and next steps (around 5 pages in volume), and a structured documentation (up to 10 pages) included, cost evaluation, and quality status.

Use our workshops to access our expertise

We provide results in 20 days for up to three topics and actionable next steps for your team

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Sixsentix services that you may be interested in

QA Maturity Assessment: analysis and improvements

Cover 15 key process areas for the whole SDLC, identify what matters most and receive next steps that work for your organization.

Software Testing

Best in class risk-based testing to accelerate the speed and cut down efforts in large-scale software environments - Sixsentix Software Agile Testing.

SAP and speeding up
the test execution

Focus on most-at-risk areas from a business perspective and deploy highly complex releases faster with significant time savings.

Test Architecture

Ensure stable and resilient test architectures, the orchestration of diverse disciplines, and interoperability with IT, software architecture, and other tool chains.

iTest for reducing testing costs

The AI-powered revolution in software testing: continuous end-to-end testing that really works.

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