Best in class risk-based testing to accelerate speed and cut down efforts in large-scale software environments

Sixsentix SWAT (Software Agile Testing)

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Continuous improvements across the whole testing cycle

Minimize the number of test cases

Our SWAT method enables you to do more with less. Instead of performing numerous test cases, we identify the ones that matter and structure them properly. Therefore, you achieve more risk coverage with less test cases – resulting in less execution time and maintenance costs.

Proven approach and methodology

Our approach has been verified with large-scale software development projects on a global scale. The more applications and test cases are involved in a release, the more value SWAT will bring to your organization.

Connect machines and people

Our unique QACube technology connects to your systems and we build upon existing APIs and test automation tools in order to make data-informed decision. This results in less time spent for reporting and more time available to discuss the challenges of your project.


Achieving a shift left with Sixsentix's full automation of QA

Transformation from the waterfall to agile delivery, which included end-to-end testing, manual progression, automated regression testing and continuous test reporting.

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Sixsentix SWAT

Functional Structuring

SWAT is a risk-based testing approach, therefore, we interview business stakeholders to augment your requirements with business risks. You receive an improved, risk-weighted requirements structure and, as a result, you can focus on the most critical tests from a business perspective.

Test Case Design

We perform Interviews with your team to understand your business and technical requirements. You receive an optimized test case design (including optimization of number of test cases with linear expansion) and instructions how to structure your test environment according to your needs.

Test Specification

Based on the test case design framework, we define preconditions for the tests, create test templates, manual tests and use test automation which adds value in the long run.

Test Execution

During this step, test data gets prepared and tests are executed. We run smoke, functional progression and regression tests in a risk-based approach. The test results are tracked and reported.

Methodology Expert Test Automation Expert Test Execution Expert SWAT Master Technical Tool Expert Improvements & Workshop Offline vs Workshop Review Preconditions (Test Data Definition) Test Specification (Manual) Template Creation Test Automation Improvements & Integration Test Data Preparation Smoke Test Functional Test Regression Test Defect Tracking & Re-testing Risk Weighting Project View Use Case View Regression View

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Establish risk-based software testing now

Cover the critical areas regarding software testing with excellence


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