Cross the Finish Line

With Sixsentix SWAT Services


Sixsentix Software Agile Testing (SWAT)

The SWAT, risk-based Testing methodology and advanced automation, combined with an unprecedented time and cost-effective Testing solution, drives a measurable reduction of workload and maintenance efforts. At the same time, with Sixsentix SWAT Services, our clients are able to increase the effectiveness & efficiency of Testing process and the quality of your Software Delivery.


Sixsentix Delivers Value at Every Stage of Testing

Based on the Requirements, the Test Case Design and appropriate Test Cases are created and linked to the Functional Structure. The SWAT team implements a self-contained Test Case Portfolio - a minimal and non-redundant set of Test Cases, achieving the highest possible Test Coverage with less effort in error analysis. As a result, clients are provided with fully executable, automated or manual Test Cases, while maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

Functional Structuring Includes

  • Risk Weighting / Prioritization
  • Project Views
  • Use Case Views
  • Regression Views

Work Like a Pro with the Latest Test Case Design Techniques

We assist our clients with deriving Test Cases directly from Requirement Specification or Black Box Test Design technique to Execution & Visual Analytics. Common techniques include: Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalence Partitioning, Decision Table Testing, State Transition Diagrams and Use Case Testing.

When deriving Test Cases directly from the structure of a component or system, we can help with Statement Coverage, Branch Coverage, and Path Coverage. Finally, Intuitive Testing or Explorative Testing is also part of the Testing process and this can be documented and tied to Test Requirements. High Test Coverage, testing the right things, in the right order, and with the least redundancy is the goal of Test Case Design.

Sixsentix Experts in Test Case Design know precisely which approaches to use when for the optimal Testing results. We can work together with your team to improve the level of Testing maturity and build repeatable, effective and automated Test Cases.

We help our clients work smarter!


Set up the Right Test Cases with the Least Redundancy

We can help with: Test Specification & Execution

  • Preconditions (Test Data Definition)
  • Test Specification (Manual)
  • Template Creation
  • Test Automation/Regression Tests
  • Improvements & Integration
  • Test Data Preparation
  • Smoke Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Defect Tracking & Retesting

QA Visual Analytics & Reporting

QACube Platform empowers enterprises to deliver business innovation with lower risk and faster time-to-market. A key advantage is the dynamic consolidation and aggregation of Testing information from an unlimited number of data sources with One-Click, at-a-glance, QA dashboards.

QACube delivers reporting for the leading Testing solutions including: Tosca Testsuite, HP QC Enterprise, Rally, JIRA, Excel and others. QACube customers increase speed-to-market. In addition, clients achieve significant productivity improvements with automated Test Portfolio reporting across projects, compared with single tool or Excel reporting. Customers include the largest Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, and Telecom organizations.