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Cost Savings

Transformation from the waterfall to agile delivery, which included end-to-end testing, manual progression, automated regression testing and continuous test reporting.

Client’s challenges

Client’s complete testing was on the business side. They wanted the transformation to professional testing, with the implementation of the scaled agile framework SAFe, and with their own testing capability built inhouse.

Sixsentix’s solution

Sixsentix approach included increasing the maturity of the SDLC organization, the implementation of test automation, usage of the risk-based approach and a sophisticated test case design methodology.

The steps taken involved the takeover of testing from an external vendor, a global competitor, performing mainly manual testing with onsite resources; the implementation of the Sixsentix SWAT approach and a full automation of continuous testing with a risk-based approach, with the operating test centre onsite; the hand over back to client and its internal staff and enabling client staff to work with the Sixsentix SWAT testing approach.

With this successfully completed, the client is now focused not only on shifting the testing left, but also on adopting new practices and innovation, brought about the minimal Sixsentix team still involved in the project.

“Earlier, all the client’s tests were manual - there was no automation, and their risk coverage was completely unknown. With Sixsentix SWAT approach, the client managed to rethink their QA and achieve great speed - what took 2-3 days, now takes only minutes to finish. This results in a high percentage of test automation and more than 80% of business risk covered.”

Sixsentix Project Lead

Value delivered

Sixsentix transformed all manual tests into a cost-efficient automated set-up which brought about the following results:

• 35,000 manual TCs to 7,000 (ongoing 15,000)
• Risk Coverage: from unknown to 80% (ongoing 90%)
• Automation: from 0% to 80% (ongoing 90%)
• Continuous Execution: from every 3 months to monthly - 10 days (ongoing daily)
• #FTEs: from 40 to 10 (ongoing 3)
• Costs: from 3,000,000 to 2,000,000 (ongoing 750,000)

Client overview

Client & its field:
Joint venture between a Swiss and American multinational financial services corporation - Credit card products for private and business clients
Financial services
Financial info:
Total Assets 200.2 Million CHF

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