Sixsentix and Delphix: Accelerating data innovation in quality assurance

A word about our partner

Delphix provides the industry's leading solution for DevOps test data management, specializing in virtualization and masking production data to create efficient, ephemeral, compliant virtual databases for developers, testers, data scientists and other users.

The Delphix DevOps Data Platform empowers innovators with self-service access to production-quality test data while adhering to complex and ever-evolving data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. With Delphix, organizations accelerate application development, simplify operations, modernize with the cloud and improve developer experience.

Some key features of the Delphix platform

Automated data virtualization

Accelerated data delivery

Advanced data masking capabilities

Multi-cloud data agility

Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards

Streamlining application development, testing, and recovery

Recurring challenges with test data management

Data synchronization

Static data can become quickly outdated, failing to reflect current business conditions. Ensuring that test environments have the latest data from production environments means that testing can be valid and relevant.

A common approach includes a tedious and error-prone process of manual data updates, which can lead to inconsistencies and failures to catch critical errors during the testing phase.

Legal compliance

Protection of sensitive personal data and strict compliance with various legal mandates is indispensable. However, traditional data masking methods are time-consuming and susceptible to errors as they often require manual scripting.

Finally, traditional masking techniques also struggle to accurately reflect real-world data scenarios, undermining the reliability and relevance of testing outcomes.

Continuous deployment

The first two challenges are amplified by the necessity for swift deployment of the latest software updates. Issues with data management can lead to delays in the testing phase, pushing back release schedules.

Manual processes for these tasks not only add to the timeline but also heighten the risk of errors, further compromising the quality of releases.

How we help businesses bridge data gaps for efficient testing:

Rapid data provisioning

Effortless synchronization across multiple environments

Dynamic, automated data masking

The value we bring together

Sixsentix’s testing expertise is supercharged with Delphix’s ability to provide timely, relevant, and secure test data, thereby reducing the risk of defects and non-compliance with data regulations.

The Delphix platform smoothly synchronizes data across environments in real-time to enable a responsive and agile CI/CD pipeline. It provides dynamic data masking, automating the protection of sensitive information, and ensures that data remains fresh and relevant as it moves between systems. This approach not only secures data but also maintains its relational integrity, meaning that masked data remains usable and realistic for testing purposes.

As a result, our tests are run on high-fidelity data that mirrors production data closely but without the associated risks. This allows for rigorous and regulatory-compliant testing, leading to reliable software releases. By solving common impediments like data bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities, our partnership facilitates a seamless, agile testing process that accelerates time-to-market and ensures the highest level of quality assurance.

Benefits we provide for our clients

Swift, seamless testing cycles

Robust data security measures

Compliance with global data laws

Reduced time-to-market for new releases

Enhanced QA accuracy

Streamlined workflows

Experience the next level of QA and data management with Sixsentix and Delphix

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