Tangible and actionable results of Sixsentix workshop for accelerated quality in times of digital transformation

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A QA QuickCheck workshop with a comprehensive focus on quality across system boundaries delivering a clear overview to the client on what the problems are, with a catalogue of measures on how to solve them.

Client’s challenges

The client was undergoing a digital transformation to remain competitive, and following this trend always requires new business models, smart solutions, and modified ways of working. The client launched a new model of a lift truck which was completely integrated with the internet, and with the configuration and the parameters exchanged with the databases. The new product's software was developed, but the testing maturity was not at the satisfactory level. Most of the software tests were done manually and there was almost no test automation. The client had issues with the overall test management, as well as with the key performance metrics and reporting - the KPIs were unknown and there was practically no reporting done. This is why the client required the support of Sixsentix quality assurance experts - to analyze the processes from a quality perspective, find ways to save costs while having an efficient and productive testing process, and, as a result, bring software quality to the next level.

Sixsentix’s solution

The Sixsentix approach for the QuickCheck workshop included three phases.

In the first phase, before the workshop, the sessions were held with the client to obtain the necessary knowledge of their current quality assurance situation, goals and challenges. In these sessions we analyzed all the data and defined their main problems regarding testing. The outcome of this phase were the three main topics for the workshop, relevant for their organization: test management, test automation, KPIs and reporting.

The next phase was a multiple day workshop with the testing team and all the client stakeholders, focused on the three topics previously defined: test management, test automation, KPIs and reporting. Sixsentix experts moderated the workshop. On one hand, the client gave their view on the problems, and on the other hand, Sixsentix provided the client with an assessment, along with coaching on what the results can be, looked at from different perspectives and based on Sixsentix extensive experience. 

In the final phase, the client received from Sixsentix the summary of results in the form of a structured document for the project team, test team and for the management.

“In this ongoing phase of digital transitioning for our company, we have experienced numerous challenges, especially in the area of software testing. Owing to Sixsentix workshop, we now know exactly where to put our focus, in order to achieve the operational excellence more easily. Sixsentix presented us with structured, actionable results which are the starting point for bringing the overall software quality of our new product to a higher level."

Senior Director IT Management

Value delivered

There are several clear benefits for the customer, resulting from the Sixsentix recommendations:
• Substantial increase of efficiency of the testing operations
• Significant cost savings as an outcome of the possibility to save resources, i.e. doing more work with the same number of team members
• Dramatic software quality improvements despite the growing complexity of the systems, because the testing operations can now fully support this complexity
• KPI and reporting transparency that give the client the basis for the right, fact-based decisions which software to release

Sixsentix helped the client by addressing not only the general, but also some very specific problems the client had been dealing with. Now the client has a clear, full overview of the biggest challenges and is offered with a catalogue of measures of what and how to execute in order to solve those issues.

Owing to Sixsentix expertise and successful collaboration, three new projects were subsequently agreed upon, in which Sixsentix will provide support to the client:
1. SAP migration – Regression test analysis and support for the SAP server migrations
2. SAP Template Rollout – Regression test automation analysis and support for their newest factory in Poland
3. QuickCheck assessment workshops for three additional client systems


Client overview

Client & its field:
The largest manufacturer of industrial trucks (i.a. forklifts and similar devices) in Europe and the second largest in the world, as well as a global leader in automation technology
Based in Germany, operating Globally
Financial info:
Revenue: 5-10 Billion EUR

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