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Embark on a virtual tour of Sixsentix Nearshore Center in Serbia and discover what sets our company apart with our engaging and informative virtual tour experience

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Welcome to Sixsentix Serbia, where team spirit meets opportunities for development and growth. Take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art facilities and get an exclusive look at our company's culture, values, and expertise. Discover what sets us apart from the rest and why we're a top choice for talented professionals and valued clients. Join us on a journey through our workplace and experience the Sixsentix difference for yourself.


Sixsentix Nearshore Center Serbia Virtual Tour

Before you come to our offices and meet us in person, we would like to give you a sneak peek into our company atmosphere. Our user-friendly virtual tour will not only provide you with insights into our IT, Education, Consultancy Services, Marketing, People & Culture Department… but also offer a brief overview of our company DNA.

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If you found this interesting and would like to dive deeper and find out more about our approach to software testing, we would be happy to meet you. 

What you get out of the Sixsentix virtual tour

A glimpse into our company's culture, values, and education

A demonstration of our approach, technology, and security

A display of our facilities and amenities

Prior to my job interview, I had the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the company's space. The tour provided an excellent opportunity for me to visualize myself in the company's environment and helped me feel more comfortable and confident about the interview process. Moreover, it allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the company's values and culture. It was clear to me that the company prioritized its employees' well-being and created an environment that fostered collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Jelena Savić, People & Culture Development

A former candidate, now a Sixsentix employee

I must commend your company for providing an innovative and invaluable solution amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Your virtual tour was not only impressive but also proved to be an effective way to showcase your facilities and services. Your virtual tour provided me with the necessary insight to confidently evaluate your company, and understand your processes, procedures, and operations.

Head of Testing

Large Swiss Insurer

Thanks to your company's virtual tour, I gained a comprehensive understanding of your processes and procedures without compromising my safety during the pandemic. The tour was impressively detailed and interactive, effectively capturing the essence of your operations. As an experienced Quality Assurance Chief at a global bank, I felt confident in my decision to work with you after seeing this tour. Your innovative solution during those challenging times was greatly appreciated.

Quality Assurance Chief

Global asset management bank

The tour gave me insights into the space, people working there, and also an intro to how Sixsentix manages their job in testing, which was my point of interest. It gave me a perspective of what is important for the company, how they manage the work surroundings and what kind of strategies are used in testing. I could see what could be expected from me as an employee but also in which direction my professional growth could go. Now, I’m so happy to share the space and working tasks with people who once were virtual.

Dragana Pješčić, Consultancy Service

A former candidate, now a Sixsentix employee

A glimpse into our company's culture, values, and education

By showcasing our culture and values, we want to provide you with a deeper understanding of our mission, vision, and goals. This can help you better grasp what we, as a company, stand for. Also, we would like to attract candidates who share those same values. That way we can continue to build a strong organization and an even stronger connection with potential clients and partners who are aligned with our mission and goals. Moreover, we want to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and openness and take a further step in building trust with all the stakeholders.

A showcase of our company culture and values

A demonstration of our approach, technology, and security

We are always committed to excellence and want to help you gain a better understanding of our company's capabilities and expertise, level of innovation, technology, approach, and security measures. We have all the necessary tools and expertise to meet our clients' and partners' needs, and we are always willing to invest in the tools and resources necessary to provide the best service possible. Check out how we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Test Architecture expert opinion

A display of our facilities and amenities

With our tour, we aimed to give you an overview of our work environment, the physical layout of the facilities & types of amenities available, as well as the resources and infrastructure necessary to deliver high-quality service. Above all, we intend to showcase our commitment to employee satisfaction and providing a comfortable and enjoyable work environment.

Sixsentix Novi Sad premises


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