Leading life insurance in Germany achieves software delivery risk assurance owing to Sixsentix expertise

Insurance SWAT software testing

The risk analysis carried out according to the Sixsentix SWAT (Agile Software Testing) methodology, with test case design and automation, as well as the implementation of reporting and monitoring solution.

Client’s challenges

Leading life insurance company in Germany needing to secure overall testing strategy before Go-Live with major upgrades in the system landscape. This included changes to the enterprise business technology, a new version of the core system for life insurance administration, new surrounding systems for cash and disbursements, partner management, output management, and document processing systems. The customer needed a fast, professional, and reliable view of the current status of its testing activities. There was no structured measurement in place regarding the business risk covered by the testing activities to-date. As a result, important decisions on where to invest its scarce resources of subject matter experts and testing experts required consultancy to close the previously unknown gaps. The case lacked an integrated and up-to-date QA reporting solution as well as a usable test automation facility.

Sixsentix’s solution

Sixsentix approach included establishment and definition of the functional structure for the software testing landscape and introduction of the business-driven risk weighting methodology to create a multi-level view of the customer’s total risk exposure for the scope of its largescale IT program. The current testing assets have been carefully analyzed and assigned to the new view of the risk structure.

The approach also encompassed providing systematic test execution services. In order to check the technical possibilities for automation in detail, a technical Proof of Concept (PoC) was carried out, automated with the Tosca Test Suite from Tricentis.

Sixsentix also brought its quality assurance “visual analytics” platform into service, providing an integral and up-to-date view of the status of the systems under test, along with monitoring of the testing design, definition, and execution, to manage the testing activities themselves alongside, while having the ability to view the actual risk coverage within the newly available structure.

Further activities initiated from the “controlled state” in software testing include test automation for repetitive release support,  and the much-needed conception and implementation of fully automated and anonymized test data management within the program, which is mandated by the new GDPR and other data privacy regulations. 

This has been achieved with the Sixsentix “SWAT for Agile Software Testing” methodology.

“With the support from Sixsentix, the Client obtained a structured overview and a detailed SWOT analysis of the current state of the Quality Assurance within their organization. The Client received a functional structure with risk weighting, with the catalogue of the existing test artifacts allocated to the structure. With SWAT methodology and the quality assurance visual analytics platform, the client can pinpoint all the business risks, and it is clear to the client how to measure them and mitigate them.”

Sixsentix Project Lead


Value delivered

Sixsentix provided a fast and reliable way to establish a map of business and technological risks, weighted according to the business risk of its core business requirements. The client received a complete and structured analysis of the current percentage of risk coverage, with highlighted gaps that were closed with systematic test case design and execution.

Sixsentix test execution services greatly eased the pressure on the business department for the physical execution of their software tests for the iterative build-up phase, during the completion of their new system landscape with deliveries from multiple suppliers and internal system integrators.

Quality assurance visual analytics platform enabled the client to take qualified decisions based on the “ready-to-deploy” status and safely manoeuvre the program to the earliest possible Go-Live date. 

Now the client has a usable test automation facility enabling the test automation for repetitive release support. 

The client could also close all the data privacy regulations through creation and implementation of the fully automated and anonymized test data management within the program.

Client overview

Client & its field:
A German-based insurance group
Financial info:
Total Assets 1-5 Billion CHF

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