Sixsentix ensures smooth continuous software testing for an international bank

Banking SWAT software testing

Harmonization of all testing activities for the client's automation factory with Sixsentix agile software testing approach and full QA and DevOps automation of reporting for reliable for Go-Live decisions with QACube.

Client’s challenges

Large, Swiss-based international bank, with multiple legal entities and international IT programs, needed to setup a centralized service structure to provide strategic testing services. The bank had the goal to harmonize multiple vendor methods and technology approaches for software testing for its core IT programs. The release management for the highly complex deployment process for core releases needed to be replaced to decommission its legacy reporting solutions, which lacked both maintainability and extensibility. In addition, the continued support was also in question, due to changes in internal staffing. Furthermore, the fast and reliable provision of high-quality test automation needed to be conceptualized to provide centralized services to its IT programs worldwide.

To achieve this, the bank has setup an “automation factory” vision to create and maintain test automation services within the group, at an affordable cost level, and by optimizing its current existing solutions, which are based on heterogeneous testing tool technologies, along with different methodologies.

Sixsentix’s solution

Sixsentix approach included multiple steps. 

First, the QACube visual analytics platform has been implemented to replace all legacy QA reporting systems connecting to multiple HP ALM instances, JIRA setups in different countries, Tosca projects, for Sonarqube usage for code analysis, and for a large number of homegrown testing and reporting frameworks currently in place. QACube has been extended to accommodate this large-scale requirement to fully automate reporting in quality assurance and other DevOps related areas to provide a reliable and controlled capability for Go-Live decisions for its regular releases within their highly complex system landscape.

Sixsentix then provided its SWAT methodology to harmonize all testing activities to be centralized as part of the new central service for the Automation Factory Approach. Tosca Test Suite tool is used, which provides model-based and scriptless test automation, with integrated test data management.

“Sixsentix strategic testing services with risk-based methodology as their core, along with the visual analytics platform for reporting, provided the needed confidence for GoLive and helped to achieve the highest test automation rates with minimal business risk and optimized efficiency.”

Sixsentix Consultant

Value delivered

The bank can now rely on the provision of test automation services, leading to highly effective and risk-based tests to be executed automatically, and, furthermore, directly integrated into the Visual Analytics capabilities of QACube, bringing the client confidence for fact-based decisions. 

Sixsentix extensive “know how” creating zero touch continuous testing with highly automated test execution is now being rolled out to provide cost effective services to the autonomous IT programs run by business divisions of the bank on an international level.

All this enables the bank to significantly benefit from the continuous testing and integration in its agile transformation.

Client overview

Client & its field:
One of the largest and most profitable multi-national wealth and asset management companies
Financial info:
Total Assets 800-1000 Billion CH

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